Romping Around

I am a sucker when it comes to buying rompers… I don’t know if it is the easiness about them, the fact you can dress them up or down with the right accessories, or what… but I love them. Here are some of my favorites for this Spring/Summer.


This first one, is a lovely white lace romper perfect for any special occasion, weekend getaway, or even bachelorette party! ( I wore this in Mexico, and everyone thought I was a bachelorette haha!) I got this gorgeous one piece from Melrose and Madison and it is made by the Ministy of Style. I love to add a pop of color, like my bright blue shoes I wore above.


This next one, I got from Tobi, for a much more reasonable price, which makes it perfect for a casual weekend day or beach vacay. I am obsessed with stripes right now and loved how this one had an opening in the front, making it feel more like a shorts and crop set. Tobi always has a great special going on, so it is the perfect place to grab a couple rompers for the upcoming summer days!

Thanks for reading! As always, cheers!



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