Jumpsuit for Any Occasion


Do you ever find a piece of clothing you want to wear everywhere?! Well I did; and the best part is that it is so versatile I can actually wear it to just about everything! I picked up this gorgeous maroon jumpsuit from Fab’rik boutique in Littleton, CO and the best part was that it was on sale! Find it and more pieces here at: https://www.fabrikstyle.com/locations/denver/

I added a few gold touches to make it shine, but it can certainly stand alone as well. I have already worn this gorgeous piece to drinks with friends, work and a night on the town. You can dress it up, like I did here, with some gold accessories and the perfect pair of shoes! Or you could throw on a pair of sandals for a casual lunch or shopping day with friends. Also, thank you Jenna Sparks, https://www.jennasparksphotography.com/, for the gorgeous photos!

Cheers! XO, B

What I wore:

Jumpsuit: Fab’rik – size small

Shoes: Banana Republic

Bag – Burberry

Belt – J. Crew


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